Marketing analysis and strategy

Analysis and Strategy

Is your marketing strategy up-to-date?

Opinions, needs and desires change.

A business to grow and expand must have and regularly correct their strategy, their course, and adapt activities to current circumstances or they will be fishing in „old waters“ with little success.

Effective marketing is always looking in to the future – one of the reasons our name is Lighthouse. We are able to look out into the future. We can help you find a new and more effective strategic course to help you reach your destination / expansion.

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The Lighthouse path to marketing strategy starts with an intensive analysis of your business field – because as indicated, markets change.

Market success

Previous goals and strategies

We review your previous goals, progress, previous and existing strategies and actions taken or intended. The marketing-efficence-analysis contains a schedule and an analysis of your advertising history, previous tactics, and performance and coverage in the B2B- or B2C sector.

Target group analysis

Creating the proper communication with your target group

Our analysis includes major factors such as determining the most important target groups based on our experience in their behavior and activity in the industry. We also will review what channels you use to reach your customers, what “tone of voice“ is used for your advertising messages, its impact and most importantly, understanding the emotional state of your customer base as it relates to your product and to the industry and competition as a whole.


USP, market and competition analysis

Positioning is also a key factor in our work and we will review your unique selling proposition (USP). We also do a market and competition analysis. Due to our researcch and our knowledge about situations in the market, the competitors and the personal highlights (USP) of your product, we will succesfully differentiate your company from competiting companies.

Reputation analysis

Brand, identity, image and brand awareness review of your public

Reputation analysis is also a vital function of Lighthouse. We will determine the core of your brand and how you can reinforce positive impressions. We will review your visual communications and web appearance, your promotional information, your product packaging and your exhibition appearance.

Lighthouse Werbeagentur Workshop

The right commitment of your budget

One of the key factors of sales is costing. We will assist you to determine how much budget to use for what purposes. And we will review the return on your advertising and promotional investment.
Our agency CEO, Ms. Angelika Thonauer, was published, years ago in the magazine Technikreport. Her comments are still valid today.

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