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To be successfully, you must obtain effective exposure. To shine your light. Lighthouse is dedicated to making sure that your products and services are well known, well thought of and desired.
Lighthouse is a flexible and efficient marketing and advertising agency specializing in technical industry advertising and B2B.

We are unlimited in our creation of various advertising materials, reflecting our original purpose: to increase the competitive success of our customers by effectively using all marketing instruments.

Our operational goal is to determine the market position of our customers, identify their target groups and effectively communicate with them. We also help implement the specific requirements in terms of content and activation.

For the past decades, hundreds of technically based companies have made Lighthouse their stable point of contact for their marketing & advertising needs.

We pride ourselves in not only providing the desired services but determining and locating successful approaches that had not been perceived by our clients. In doing so, we use special marketing tools to achieve maximum returns with maximum efficiency.

Lighthouse has the capabilities of fully taking over the function of an “in-house” marketing department or to support an existing marketing department.

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Brand Recognition – Image – Profit

We are the agency helped develop the BIP-Marketing-Strategy.
Brand Recognition, Image and Profit, a proven and highly successful mechanism for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Our unique perspective in the technical industry,

based on decades of experience, extends beyond the advertising area.
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We are always at your disposal.

We listen carefully and prove flexibility. This has a direct impact on the speed and quality of communicative processes.

Technical understanding

In order to be able to describe and present complex technical processes, one needs a certain amount of technical understanding.

Professional Tools

We do not limit ourselves to the creation of various advertising materials, but use all online and offline marketing tools to increase your success!
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A Honest Partnership

Customers appreciate our honest approach and our clear language.
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Growth of our customers

In addition to an increase in sales, the decisive factor is increasing your company’s profits.
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Ready for the markets of tomorrow

We develop strategies to increase the awareness of your company. Because markets are changing we are already preparing you for the markets of tomorrow, today.

A new fresh approach

It is our intention and goal to make technical related businesses even more successful with Lighthouse research, advertising and marketing concepts. We have made such statements as “Too little response”, “advertising does not work in my area” or “too little sales” a thing of the past.

Irina Stagl

Project Management & Online Marketing
Assistance to the CEO
Social Media Manager & Online Support
Art Director
Online Marketing Manager

Our Company Name

A lighthouse symbolizes a safe, stable and trustworthy contact point. The light is a guide to assist making the hidden visible in the darkness.

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